This time the online based shop shopping master has come up with a different arrangement for the hill people. There is no online platform where the hill people have their own cultural and traditional dress. There is no platform to speak even offline. This time the online based shopping shop Shopping Master is going to fill that space.

They have decided to supply their own clothes and various products made by the hill tribes like Chakma, Marma, Tripura, Mug, Kuki, Hajong, Manipuri, Pangan. From now on, the Chakma community will be able to provide any cultural clothing and handicrafts to the entire country. Gradually the garments of other communities including Marma, Tripura, Mugha will also be marketed.

Their decision is part of a plan to bring the country’s marginalized areas under the shopping master’s own network. Shopping Master is already available Pinon Leyyard, a Chakma women’s cultural dress. The front will gradually increase the availability of such dress. The shopping master hopes that it will be easier to capture the cultural heritage of the hills after bringing the costumes of the hill tribes to the online platform.

In addition, the shopping master said that regular content will be published on the various costumes of the hill people under their content project to make the costumes of the hill people known all over the country.

Content writing has already started under this project. The shopping master hopes that all this content will be published soon. The shopping master hopes that if the content of the hill tribes’ own clothes is published regularly, the popularity of these clothes will increase and the popularity of this dress will increase all over the country.

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