At one time Nokia meant mobile phone in our country. Many did not even know that there are mobile phones except Nokia. Although Sony was ahead of Nokia, Samsung was ahead in quality. Apart from this, standard mobile phones of various brands including Motorola and LG were in the market at that time. However, Nokia users were the most. Nokia mobile phone was the first choice of people with simple features and popularity.

However, in the evolution of time, the Nokia phone has lost its zwolls. Lost their golden lives. Now that brand value of Nokia phone is no more. Nokia’s market in Bangladesh has gone down due to the welfare of Android. The big reason behind the loss of Nokia’s market value in the global market is that Nokia’s policy makers do not adopt the Android operating system. However, Nokia’s predicament in the Bangladesh market is due to Android. The Android phone market has not caught any established brand. 6/7 years ago, the Android revolution took place in the market of Bangladesh. This Android revolution happened with an unknown brand. As many of you know, Symphony’s business was exclusive in the first place in Bangladesh. Based on the Android version only, Symphony Raja has done business in the market of Bangladesh. Although the quality of Symphony was not very good, in the beginning the quality of Symphony was quite standard. Symphony was Symphony’s first choice of Android phone in terms of quality and price. Samsung phone was still in Bangladesh. However, the lower and middle classes could not lean towards Samsung due to its high market price. They leaned towards Simpani.

Symphony has revolutionized Android in Bangladesh. However, in the world of Android, the brand that has revolutionized this country has become more popular. Nevertheless, Symphony will be ahead of other brands in Bangladesh for this excellent marketing strategy.

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