Vendor registration has already started on the online based e-commerce website Shopping Master. The platform called Shopping Master has been developed online with all kinds of products including various men’s and women’s clothing, cultural clothing of the tribes, traditional products of the Bengalis.

So from now on vendor accounts can be opened on Shopping Master’s website with any type of product. The My Account option will show up on the home page as soon as you enter the Shopping Master website. Clicking on My Account will bring up the registration option. From there you have to fill in the star marked part by clicking on IMA vendor option. After creating the account, you have to wait for the approval of the authorities.

Vendors will be able to add products if approved by the authorities. For the approval of the authorities, the vendor registers can mail to the shopping master’s business e-mail or leave a message on the Facebook page. It can be approved quickly. Currently Shopping Master is focusing on tribal products and cultural and cottage industry products. Nothing good can be expected if you can work with such products.

Among the products that Shopping Master Authority is currently working on are: Electronics Products, Electrical Products, Cultural Products, Traditional Products, Cottage Products, Women’s Fashion, Men’s Fashion, Tribal Dresses, Tribal Handicrafts, Mobiles and Accessories, Computers & Accessories, Gadgets & Accessories, Cosmetics, Shoes, Home Appliances etc. The shopping master authorities hope that the attachment of such products will increase in the future.

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